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Mountain Creek Studio - 0431 674 661

Guitar / Music Lessons

Sunshine Coast

(site updated December 2022)

Private Lessons for Guitar, Bass, Keyboard / Piano, Ukulele

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Offers Include :

Clients Say...

"Barry is a gifted teacher with infinite patience who allows and encourages you to develop your own style" ... Geoff B

"I highly recommend Barry as a music teacher ... he is very professional, approachable and knowledgeable" ... Kim S

Fee options as at December 2022

(Best value guarantee Sunshine Coast)

Tuition Booking Conditions:

Learn acoustic guitar, fingerstyle or electric guitar solos

("Friday On My Mind" acoustic guitar cover)

("The Savage" electric guitar cover)

(All instruments in backing track played by Barry)

2 solo fingerstyle guitar audio samples ...

Jiffy Jam

MASH Theme

more audio samples...

(all instruments played by Barry)

call 0431 674 661 (9am - 5pm Mon - Fri)