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Solo Acoustic Finger Style Guitar Tune List

Tunes with an (A) have an audio sample in the "Audio" pages.

Tunes with an (V) have a video sample in the "Video" page.

Tunes with an (T) have a video tutorial available in the "Video Tutorials" page.

Amy (A) Fur Elise Romance (A)
A Man and a Woman Friday on my Mind (A,V) Road to Gundagai/Waltzing Matilda
And 50 Cents Gets You Coffee Girl from Ipanema Shady Tales
And I Love Her Great South East (A) Since We Met
A River Somewhere (A) Hearts Grow Fonder Skye Boat Song
A Taste of Honey (A,V) Heartbreak Hotel Stairway to Heaven
Besame Mucho Here There Everywhere (A) Stay Close to Me
Be With Me Always Here Comes The Sun Stevies Blues
Blackbird Hotel California Still Call Australia Home (A)
Blue Moon (A) Kudah Duxx (A) Stringin the Blues (A)
Citi na g Cummin Lady Madonna Summertime
Castles Call/Pilgrims Flight Layla (A,V) Take Five (A)
Cavatina Light my Fire Tears in Heaven (A,V)
Classical Gas (A) Marians Dance Thats the Spirit(V)
Come Together MASH (A,V,T) The Letter
Country Wide Maybelle (A) The Entertainer (A)
Daisy Chain Michelle (A,V) Those Who Wait
Dancing Cheek to Cheek Mombasa (A) Till There Was You
Day Tripper Mr Sandman Times Change
Dixie McGuire (V) Norwegian Wood Takin a Chance on Love
Eagle Rock No Reply I Will Not Accept That (A)
Eight Days a Week Ol Brother Hubbard Imagine (A)
Father and Son Old Fashioned Love Song Ive Always Thought of You
Freetime (A) Padre Jacaranda
Freight Train/Trambone Precious Time (V) Jiffy Jam (A)
From the Four Winds Receurdos de la Alhambra Keep it Simple
Im in the Mood for Love Sounds of Silence Up from Down Under (A)
Water of Love What a Wonderful World (A) Windy and Warm (V)
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